Analytics with Hugo

A privacy respecting approach Umami Infrastructure Umami is the tool I’m using for collecting and viewing the user analytics. My needs are simple—I just want to know how popular I am. Some prior infrastructure that is already setup is Kubernetes, Flux, Nginx Ingress, Certificates, and Hugo. I’ll get to posts describing the full setup at some time. In my git repo I have the following files for Umami 1 2 3 4 ....

November 14, 2023

A Simple Hugo Site

Or is it No (of course not) This whole thing runs on kubernetes using the k3s distribution and is managed using Flux for gitops. At some other time I’ll go into further details on how that all works. Here I’ll just focus on the parts closer into getting Hugo running. Kustomize to provide further templating. I swear that kubernetes is at the same place in its lifecycle that JavaScript was at 10 years ago....

August 10, 2023

Welcome to my new blog

I’m definitely going to update this one. Hosting information This is all hosted on my old computer sitting in my living room. Currently the power button is my daughter’s favourite thing to play with so reliability is not great. The computer is runnig k3s and the cluster is managed using flux. I expect to spend some time documenting this rube goldberg machine.

June 6, 2023